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GCC Projects - Automation & Electronic Services
Tel: 011 057 4778 || Cell: 082 946 0663

GCC Projects corporate systems are the culmination of many years of experience in corporate access control locks and card based physical access control solutions. Our system now in its third generation, builds on the field tested platforms of former generations while incorporating the latest advancements in biometric scanner, card access and network appliance technologies. GCC uses the leading security vendors, including HID Corporation, Philips Electronics, Legic and EM Microelectronics, to provide the most flexible solutions for both new and existing installationperipheral sensors and signalling devices.

Fingerprint, Biometrics, Fingerprint readers, Facial Recognition, Biometric Readers


Biometric Application Showcases profile leading Industry products by use.
•  Physical Access Control
•  Logical Access Control
•  Justice / Law Enforcement
•  Time and Attendance
•  HealthCare Biometrics
•  Border Control / Airports
•  Financial and Transactional
•  Biometrics Integrators and Resellers
•  Mobile Biometrics
•  Fingerprint and Biometrics Locks
•  Consumer / Residential Biometrics
•  Other Uses of Biometrics